GDP growth: 2.2%
GDP per head: $7,530 (PPP: $14,400)
Inflation: 2.3%
Budget balance (% GDP) -1.8
Population: 7.2m

The ruling alliance between the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) lacks a clear majority in the legislature and relies on the ultra-nationalist Ataka (Attack) party to govern, weakening its legitimacy at home and abroad. Formed in May 2013 after public protest toppled its predecessor, the BSP/MRF government is unlikely to see out its four-year term, and 2014 may prove to be the second election year in succession. Rising domestic spending will help to revive the economy, but it will lack its pre-crisis effervescence.

To watch: Underground movement. The Balkan Speleological Conference, to be held in Sofia in March, will celebrate the 85th anniversary of organised speleo-logy in Bulgaria. Just don’t call it a summit meeting.